A point of light..

I love to dwell through my garden at night......then cross the gate and wander over the Hilltop...I listen to the hilltop creatures scurrying in the undergrowth...see the bats fly over the treetops in the starlight...and while I'm there I'll try to catch a moonbeam..My mind wanders of to a far away place to where I will travel...Leaving the Hilltop is always difficult...But, dear readers and friends I will be back in a few weeks ..I'll pop in on Sunday to say goodbey....have a wonderful weekend out there on the globe..

The fairy poet takes a sheet
Of moonbeam, silver white;
His ink is dew from daisies sweet,
His pen a point of light.
~Joyce Kilmer

Art~Lucy Hilda Miller.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I LOVE THIS POEM....and I will miss you terribly sweet friend! Come and say goodbye to me on Sunday my friend....you will have a lovely time and our Paris romp will be here NEXT WEEK and if you can stop by, it would be lovely. Ruben is even going to participate!!!!

SENDING YOU WISHES AND MOONBEAMS OF FRIENDSHIP and light my dearest Dutchess....Nita

GrandmaK said...

Wishing you a grand adventure away from Hilltop! Cathy

Mapi said...

Als ik s'avonds naar buiten kijk op zoek naar de maan, dan weet ik dat jij ergens in een ver land door diezelfde maan wordt verlicht en begroet.
Have a wonderful time out there wherever you will go dear Dutchess.
Ik zal je missen.
Heel veel liefs.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Dutchess
What a beautiful poem and artwork..
Have a grand time on your journey. I know the Hilltop will be safe. Mozes will take care of everything I am sure of this... We will miss you.. Bebe sends her love.
Blessings dear friend

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my precious friend,

Seeing your comment has made my day. I was working on this post you just visited and I had EVERYONE'S NAMES AND LINKS on it to share who will be participating and I LOST THE ENTIRE PAGE OF LINKS...I was so upset because I spent ALL WEEK GATHERING AND COMPOSING THE LIST...Now I have to start all over again. THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY SWEET FRIEND; your words are comforting!!!! Nita