Alone in the dark...

It was a wonderful summer night on the Hilltop..I stayed outside..sitting alone in the dark in my garden...Such an adventure to sit and wait until the night creatures come out..I did a high five with a hedgehog...

.....and an Owl sat on a branch above my head..hooting magical stories..

I saw an owl up in a tree
I looked at him and he looked at me.
I couldn't tell you about his size
For all I saw were two big eyes.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH DEAREST...YOU TOO? YOU TOO enjoy sitting quietly in the garden?????? I encountered a bunny popping his head out of the shrubbery that I was clipping, a chattering squirrel on a swinging branch, and a robin that seems to have taken a liking to an old nest from last year. Sheer delight, sheer magic as my mind begins to wander and I start to hear voices of the animals...oh how fabulous that you saw those two wise eyes.....have FUN MY FRIEND!!! Nita

Christie said...

What a precious hedgehog!! My sister in law loves them, as she always enjoyed reading mrs. Tiggy winkle when her children were small. Such a delightful post.
And how wonderful to have you joining me at Grammys house!
Have a wonderful Wednesday my friend,

Les Trois Jardins said...

Weet je, Dutchess, het is net zo spannend als het net licht wordt. Maar inderdaad, heel stil blijven zitten en alles om je heen ervaren is heel bijzonder.
Fijne avond! Vanavond blijft het lang licht met zo'n blauwe lucht.

Mapi said...

Oh wat geweldig !
Lijkt mij een prachtige ervaring.
In de bostuin hoor ik s'morgens vroeg ook wel eens een uil de ochtend begroeten.