In Flight

I'm sitting and working in my birdsnest..My imagination is working overtime..and in my mind I fly to wonderful places..This reminded me...I need to share this with you...its AMAZING..Henry Cole Illustration

When I saw this I didn't draw mice for a long time...So..after a few days Miss Moussie came asking..-Why did you stop drawing me..? Well....I answered..I don't think I;m good enough..and then stared at the ceiling...-What's up there..twittered Miss Moussie...-O nothing..I sighed..just my thoughts whirling through the room..They are a bit confused..not knowing wich direction to choose...To draw or not to draw..
-Then let me help you ..squeaked Miss Moussie..I'm very good in times of distres..I'll get those silly thoughts in order..What ever could they be thinking...not drawing mice..Phff..He you guys upthere..Its ME..MISS MOUSSIE..and I want to be drawn....Life on the Hilltop is to beautiful to be missed...When I'm old I want to look back and see all my friends in a beautiful picture book..
-And then I understood...my thoughts stopped being fuzzy..because that's what they wanted too...a picture book..filled with memories..
-Are they oke ..twittered Miss Moussie..now staring curiously into my eyes..Yes..you are I can tell..Well then..carry on dear....Tea will be ready in a minute...In the garden under the Lilac bush..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Miss M......thank you for speaking to our dear Dutchess....you see, us humans, we forget. We need YOU little creatures, who need US, we need YOU to remind us when we are feeling incapable, tired, uninspired....you show us the beauty that we miss when we are not looking up. Thank you Miss M., our beautiful Dutchess just needed to hear your squeaky little voice. I have a RRRRRAT that speaks to me...no, rather he BELLOWS out to me and asks me the same question: "WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU NOT DRAWING ME, YOU SILLY WOMAN?" You see, Tea Rat is a bit dramatic....you look ever so sweet and lovely with dear Gustave, who is always ready for celebration under the lilac tree. Soooooooooo beautiful DEAREST DUTCHESS! THANK YOU for this moment of great memories, as I think of when I first encountered you all at Hilltop.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Miss Moussie
I always knew YOU should be drawn, and in a book.. Keep encouraging dear Dutchess, for she truly has the magic to accomplish anything!
p.s. mum sends her best!

Christie said...

Oh!!! Can you hear my hands clapping??? How WONderful!! And I knew dear Anita and Sweet Penny would be your first two rays of sunshine:)) they are such great cheerleaders, yes?
I love your cozy spot where you create...go there...often...until it is done. Such a great thing it is that you have been compelled to do...by way of miss m.
Blessings dear new friend,