I've met the thing before...!?

A Thought went up my mind today --
That I have had before --
But did not finish -- some way back --
I could not fix the Year --

Nor where it went -- nor why it came
The second time to me --
Nor definitely, what it was --
Have I the Art to say --

But somewhere -- in my Soul -- I know --
I've met the Thing before --
It just reminded me -- 'twas all --
And came my way no more --

Emily Dickinson..

O..I wanted to remind you....before I forget...have yourself a wonderful wonderful weekend.......go out and make it beautiful..Like a poem..come rain or come shine..

Art-Lost in Thought-Marcus Stone.


fleur said...

Wat een heerlijk muziekje....echt voor een regenachtige dag met een boekje op schoot.
Zeg+ zit ze op dat schilderij nu met een mobieltje in dr hand=zo zitten mijn dochters ook op de bank...ha,ha
groetjes fleur

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YES! YES!!! Make it sunny though it is raining! We are getting rain tomorrow and OUR EAST COAST dearest, is waiting for a hurricane storm of great proportions! Have you heard in the news? The subways in New York City and Philadelphia are closing down and people are being evacuated! Oh, please think of us....there are many dear friends out in NYC and N. Carolina (TITA) and make a sweet thought for them today.


Miki said...

Always like a dream world.
I love your world!
Thank you.
Have a nice weekend!

GrandmaK said...

Like fleeting memories...i like this poem. Wishing you well! Cathy