Just right..

Every now and then,
when the world sits just right,
a gentle breath of heaven
fills my soul with delight...

~Hazelmarie ‘Mattie’ Elliott, A Breath of Heaven

Summer is fading at the Hilltop..and it wont be long now that my Little granddaughter wil be celebrating her first birthday..a day when the world sits just right..and we will step in to a new season..

Art-Elizabeth Nourse.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Is it already going to be a YEAR DEAREST??????? I remember...I remember so well when this fairy made her landing in Nowhere. We were all so excited, and we are still ever so joyful that she has your eyes....the eyes of joy and of heaven......

What a beautiful painting...I see "HER" sitting there looking up at her GROOTMOEDER...Nita

Mapi said...

Ontroerend mooi opgeschreven.
Een schat om te koesteren.

Ruben Rivera said...

Dear Dutchess

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that Anita and I have met you. Although you are far away, our spirits always seem to be in tune to the magical, the kind and the lovely things of this world.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Palomasea said...

Hello there Dutchess,

Thank you so much for visiting me! I am absolutely honored to meet you, you are wonderfully talented.
I was introduced to your lovely sites through precious Anita.

You love Sand and Chekhov? I have many more writers I could add to my list (I probably will in time), but these two speak to my soul so.

A pleasure to meet you, I would be thrilled to be added to kindred spirits.

You stay warm and cozy too! Sounds like your area could use some sunshine...

Warmest Regards,
- Irina