Mushy Moss..

Today you can find me on the mushy moss...Its going to be a glorious weekend..Summer prepared a wonderful goodbye...we are all a bit mushy now summer is fading..so..lets enjoy every minute of it untill we welcome Autumn..

The little ones found the first mushrooms ...they are very early this year....

Reason for the gnome's and dwarfs to have a meeting...Its going to be harvest time soon...

"Corn and grain, corn and grain,
All that falls shall rise again."
- Wiccan Harvest Chant

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Indeed, "all that falls shall rise again." So many messages in that little poem, and all I can say is that I am so happy to know that even though summer is closing its doors, I have fond memories of laughter and sweet surprises of summer. Autumn is just waiting for us dearest, to illumine a story by the hearth, to see things in a new light. Thank you for the BANTER, THE MUSIC, THE LAUGHTER in Nowhere yesterday. We kept laughing every time you would pop in and hide the pies....Tea Rat went to bed with a tummy ache. Even the GREAT TEA RAT has limits, even though he is not aware of them!!!!


pS...thank you for coming to hear Clair de Lune...my daddy's favorite, and mine.