A new Hat...

In a way this post is about a new hat...a new fairy hat to be precise...but it also is a post about Hope..Faith..and the thing that combines them...
I think you all have been in that position where in seconds your life changes from daily routine into total chaos and confusion..scary isn't it..!!
Our family on the Hilltop experienced just that..three of us were in the hospital for different reasons..(in one week..how in earth did we manage that)and for a while worry and uncertainty took over our minds..

In times of trouble you HAVE to keep your faith..you Have to keep HOPE afloat..and how to do that...its very simple...just by loving each other..Love is the greatest power on this planet..its the force that's able to conquer everything....!
So..now we come to the Hat part of the story...remember THIS one...almost a year back in time..

This little Fairy now needs a new hat..she's outgrown the old one because its her FIRST birthday...hip hip hurray..she made it...I made it..we all made it through this first year..and we are ever so grateful..

I love you all..and thank you for worrying..we are all back on our feet and back on track..

and I musn;t forget to mention number four in our family trials and tribulations...one of us..a sweet 9 year old girl,was chased by a swarm of wasps..and got stung several times...She told us later that when she was running for her life she was thinking..'This is what happened to Winnie the Pooh..'

Be back soon..and may the force be with you...time for a happy tune...

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Mapi said...

Oh wat een prachtig lief meisje !
Maar dear Dutchess ik wist niet dat je door zoveel benauwenissen werd omringd de afgelopen dagen.
Ik schrik ervan .....
Geloof , hoop, liefde en geluk , ja je hebt helemaal gelijk ..... daar draait echt alles om in dit menselijk bestaan.


Die nieuwe hoed staat haar prachtig !

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Dutches
I had no idea you have been through so much chaos and heartache recently.. I hope you all will be ok. How very scary this must have been. My heart aches for this little 9 year old running for her life from the wasps... I am so glad to hear she is going to be ok.
Yes my dear friend, love keeps us going... always... I will keep all of you in my prayers, may the Lord keep you all safe..

Elynn.... What a blessing she is. To have arrived on such a tragic day for world.. For within our pain and suffering, there is light, life and hope... and she is a little shinning star.
I can't believe she will be one year old already.. Where does the time go... I love the HAT!
Love to you and family,

fleur said...

Wat een snoepje dit meisje met dr kaboutermutsje...
Ik hoop dat alles weer rustig wordt bij jullie en dat het weet goed mag gaan.
Groetjes fleur

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My darling zuster,

You know I am barely getting a chance to come to see your post; my morning was SO CRAZY; this is our first week of school and it was impossible for me to do my morning blog routine.

NOW....this post is full of nothing but love. I cannot imagine what you went through these past several days; and to think that Elynn was born on 9/11. She is absolutely precious, look at that hat...SHE IS SOOOOOO CUTE I just want to hold her. Dearest, love is the only thing that never dies. Faith is WHEN THERE IS NOTHING LEFT and HOPE reminds us that LOVE is waiting for us not only on THE OTHER SIDE, but right here, next to us, in OUR OWN HEARTS. I love you so. You have and always will be a very special sister to me. To see our sweet Penny here gives me such joy. I am so glad that you are OK....come visit me when you can....Nita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I just had to come back....I was eating my dinner when I first came but now I have swallowed it all...teeeheee...and I must say again, how I agree SO MUCH with you that LOVE is really the only thing that we need, and it is in each other. Oh dearest, you have inspired me so....