And what did I see...exactly.?

The belief that one's own view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions”
Paul Watzlawick

The view on Rome was ...a view on history..and a view of the future all in one..I could share it with you but it would be a better idea if you just go and see for yourself..I give you a few places I visited...enjoy...


There was also an opening of the exibition.. Audrey in Rome..!

What I did do and need to share..I did light a lot of candles in Rome in different churches..for all of you out there..

And I ended my trip by throwing a coin in the fountain..(no I didn;t dive in...:))

Art-View on Rome from the artist window-Constant Moyaux 1863.


Palomasea said...

Sounds like a magical trip, Dear Dutchess...

How kind of you to light the candles. Such a meditative, spiritual experience.

- Irina

Alina said...

Thank You My Dear, for candles and i hope You made a wish for us too,at the fountain...
Warm hugs for You !

Mapi said...

Nog nooit in Rome geweest, wel veel over gelezen.
De Galleria Borghese , wat een belevenis , ken ik helaas alleen maar van plaatjes kijken .....

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