From shore to shore...

Its a stormy day....I am going to make a long walk...to clear my mind..just staring at the waves..finding a new horizon..

Beyond the water, there is always land.

Even the sea binds...
And if one cannot always see the shore,
The shore is always there.

So it is with emotion:
Every kindness, every fleeting thought of love--
And every hatred too--
Will reach its shore.
Even if one cannot always see,

The shore is always there.

Leslie P. Garcia


Mapi said...

Pas op dat je niet opgenomen wordt door de wind.
Heb net even meegevaren , wel prachtig , maar niets voor mij.
M'n buik was al niet in orde.....
De muziek voert je wel mee , heel bijzonder.

Fijn weekend dear Dutchess

Josien said...

Hallo Dutches,

Prachtige woorden.. alles wat je doet en zegt, komt ergens aan.

Nu ben ik (ook) niet 'lekker', dus ik kijk het filmpje niet uit, al is de muziek mooi. 'k Zit te bibberen van verkoudhei. Je begrijpt dat de zee dan wel extra koud aanvoelt ;-)

Fijne week!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning mijn vriendin, mijn zuster et hertogin!

How true. There is always a shore, but the fears to treading new waters are always there for us to conquer, aren't they?

I keep going deeper and deeper only to find that there are loved ones on the other side, just waiting for me at the shoreline.

I am on this side of the Atlantic dearest, waiting.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my dear one,

IN BETWEEN CONCERTS???? You have been having a busy weekend, but it is so special to me that you visit and leave a comment...you are just a special diamond in my crown my friend. IS MISS M. SENDING US A PARCEL???????????? Oh, I cannot wait....I do hope that Singapore is not on the travel itinerary!!!!!!!!!!

MILLE BISES!!!!!!! Nita

Alina said...

How very,very true !
Pleasure as always Dear Dutchess !