The grass and me..

The grass and me...we are happy..

The temparatures outside are lovely...no more cold feet...again the grass can start growing..
And let me tell you a litte secret..I heard the grass whisper that Spring is just around the corner..but I do think its not a secret anymore...

Grass will grow if temperature is above 6 Deg C. There is an old gardeners saying when putting down grass seed. "Enough for the garden, you, and the birds

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest, this is SO EXCITING! And now tell me, is Miss M. running through the grass barefoot? Tea Rat says he is willing to take off his boots to just run with her and skip in Nowhere....I hear tell by Rattus that Nowhere is just about to bloom....oh how lovely to know that YOU ARE FINALLY getting some green! In fact, it was 60 degrees Farenheit on Thursday and tomorrow, Saturday, Ruben is taking me out to my favorite town and the temperatures will be up in the 70 degree range! Thinking of you as you walk in the splendor of the grass.....Nita