Too much of a good thing...

I'm HOME....and...I will stay there for a whole week....wow..this hasn't been happening to me for a long long time... So...I'm going to enjoy.. Enjoying the sounds of the birds when I wake up.. Enjoying the familiar noises my house makes in the still of the night..its an old house and sometimes it sighs..really it does.. Enjoying standing in my living room and just be THERE... Enjoying sitting at my desk and draw.. Enjoying making posts on my computer in stead of on my blackberry ..in Internet cafes..Ipads or laptops.. Enjoying cooking in my kitchen..while Miss Moussie visits..and so on and so forth.. Its a good thing and it can never ever be to much...

Wishing you wonderful things..and enjoy this song called home...

Art Julian Balden Weir.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


And I too, will enjoy seeing your comment, I will enjoy seeing Miss M. come to life and Mozes too, and I too will be delighted to know that YOU are in your safe home, allowing Miss M. and her friends to speak gently to you, and that you LISTEN. Oh dearest, I so miss our antics in Nowhere. We are all so busy, but you know what? My mind is never to busy to forget you.

Enjoy your home. Enjoy the stillness and only the pitter-patter of Miss M.'s steps!


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Dutchess
I have missed you so very much, and Bebe does not know what to do with herself without Mozes and Miss Moussie... Call them to Nowhere, will you please... Bebe is celebrating today!
Hello dear Anita!!!
Blessings, Penny and

Palomasea said...

Sweet gentle friends, there is truly no place like home, is there!?
Do enjoy, lovely Dutchess, the beauty of it all..
- Irina