Moving on...

Easter weekend was ever so lovely...but....we have to move on...:)

Lots of things to do..places to go.... Its raining today..April showers...

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOod morning my beloved zuster.....yes, the weather here has turned cold, with few showers, but a breeze in the air. Oh how lovely was your celebration, and I felt as if I was there. On the contrary to your lively party, we just had each other here, walking around the lake, and then coming home to create. It was splendid. Now it IS time to move on, to watch the budding hope come alive in our gardens.

MUCH LOVE TO YOU DEAR ONE as I suspect you will be on the road again for more adventures! Keep Miss M. warm and cozy for I think she is in for a road trip again!