Don't forget the TEA....!

Just a few days to go and then I will be off..traveling for about a month...I wish i could leave you a post for every day I'm gone but that would be impossible to do...so ..I'm now writing a little story about Miss Moussie...because there is something going on in the garden...and I'm packing Big bear and Little Mousse in my suitecase...(my writing doesn't stop on holidays)....almost ready to go...have to take care about the garden...laundry...some shopping to do..see the kids before I go...etc etc..etc...I find leaving my home never easy..

O...and must not forget to get some TEA.....Miss Mousie said..Dearest..you must NOT forget to shop for TEA...lots and lots of it....?????


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEA RAT: boo hooo......BOO HOOOO.....(tea rat sobbing, WAILING!) Oh dear, OH DEAREST DUTCHESS, my sentiments exactly..sniff sniff....you will have to forgive me dearest majesty, but I, being the KING OF TEAS, am moved out of my boots to see your lovely tribute to TEA. THANK YOU and MISS MOUSSIE DEAR...yooo hooo! Tea Rat here !! Will you have tea with me upon your return to Nowhere? Oh do....not only am I a SUPERRAT in the area of fine teas, but I do bake up some good tea biskies! Gustave will attest to that!

Dearest zuster, this is the most delightful little song and I must Google it for I have never heard it.

I wish you the most glorious trip and we will miss you so much....Nita

Mapi said...

Oh wat een mooi nummer !
En wat zal ik je weer gaan missen.
gelukkig laat je heel veel moois achter waar ik op terug kan kijken.
Bon Voyage, Ben gek op thee, dus ik zal veel aan je denken.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hello Dear Dutchess,
Oh yes, must not forget to buy tea!
Safe travels dear friend, you will be missed. Love the video.
How wonderful it was to see you had wandered over for a visit.
I am so happy you enjoyed.
Thank you so much Dutchess, your words mean so much.

María José said...

I hope you have a lovely trave! I am sure that your experiences will help to enrich your writing, and thanks for this lovely video.
Sorry for my English, I am Sapnish
Best wishes!

Marie Antionette said...

Hello Dutches,
Enjoy your tea and be sure to have a safe journey. A lovely post.
May God Bless you,
Marie Antionette