This ain't high enough.....

Hip Hip Hooray...its my hubby's birthday....
This picture was taken in Italy..on the Marmolada... That's a mountain..and we went up there..

My husband to the top..
He is standing way up there next to the cross...and I was waving..before I took this photograph.. It was to high for me...still....Ain't no mountain high enough ..to keep me away from you dearest husband...


Mapi said...

Oh wat een geweldige foto !
Gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van je Husband. Het is een mooie zonnige dag vandaag om jarig te zijn. Jullie maken er vast iets moois van !

GrandmaK said...

Too high for me too, but Ron would be up there in a flash!!! Have a grand day! Cathy

Jacoba said...

Congratulations husband! And you of course.
There is nothing more exhiliarating than standing on top of a mountain. The Alpes and Dolomites are so impressive.
Have a festive day!

PS I had a little Miss Moussie running over the terrace yesterday ... cute! After my poppy seeds, hope she did not get 'high'.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YOU TOO DEAREST? YOU TOO ARE.....afraid of heights? You know, I am willing to bet that like me,YOU are BOLD and a bit wild...but when it comes to heights, I will stop when my legs start to shake! WHAT A FANTASTIC PHOTO! AND BON ANNIVERSAIRE à ton mari! YIPPPPEEEEEEEEE!!!! Oh my, you really did a tour of Italy! I missed you so, but you have had a great time and now you are back with us.....thank you for coming to see those RATS finally speak! Did we ever have fun. Ruben had to tell me to tame down my acting because my voice squeaked too much! HOW ABOUT WE DO A JOINT PROJECT....could we ever hear the Divine Miss M. speak? Tea Rat is anxious to hear here!!!

Have a marvelous day and know that your zuster here once tried to climb the Eiffel Tower and gave up on the first floor; I could have sworn it was swaying and about to fall, with me on it!!


Lisa Graham Art said...

Spectacular! Happy Birthday to your husband!

Michelle Palmer said...

Wishing you more and more joy! Amazing photograph :)

Palomasea said...

A Very Happy Birthday to you dear husband!
What a fabulous photo, and a thrilling experience for him, I'm sure.
I will join you and precious Anita in the no heights club! heee.. :)))
Blessings, dear Dutchess..
- Irina