A Simple Life..

A simple life..that's what I prefer...and that's just what I'm going to do..Simplify my life..!

Find my authentic self. Listen to that wise little inner voice  for answers. And go with the flow..
Wishing you lots of simple things dear reader and friend..because they are mostly the best...

Stay warm and stay happy...and when you have time please visit this blog..it inspired me to go and make changes...I'll keep you posted..but, when I'm out  of blog space for a few days please know that I will be back..Big Bear and Little Mouse need my time right now..they go DUTCH...and send you their love..-Tot Ziens-..see you soon..


Denise said...

I so enjoy My time spent with Big Bear and Little Mouse.I myself have a Big Bear.I always tell My husband that's what He reminds Me of.I have many Little Mice in My life too. I adore the print-It was painted for people just like us :) Do you know who the artist is? Hugs sent to you My Dear-Denise

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Mijn lieve hertogin,

I am with you.

Over the last week, I have been HAVING to simplify my GOALS. The simple life is a happier life, it surely is....teeheeee....I SEE MISS MOUSSIE on top of Big Bear and she looks her happiest, as she is letting Big Bear fly her on the breath of the wind.

I know you are going to hear that voice. I think it speaks to you, to US, all the time. But we just need to stop. Oh how thrilled I am to see if you bring Big Bear and Little Mouse back; I have been thinking of them almost every day as I scroll down to see if you have posted.


Denise said...

I love all the prints you find,We must have something special in common.I esp. do love the one on this post.Is it from a story book? I would love to down load it and use it in a post in the future.I would give you credit.Would you mind.Please tell Me if you do :) Denise