In the mist of time..

What this year will bring you..nobody knows...its hidden in the mist of time..don't ask to many questions..be happy with al the little treasures you find in front of you..

So far my life's a journey
I wouldn't change for anything
All those years of bold adventures
The highs and lows that make me sing
Within the swirling mists of time
Such sweet memories still often ring .


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

And it is in the midst that we struggle to see. We are blind, we are reaching and stretching and it is here where we become strong and we learn to see. This is probably the most important part of our experience, the JOURNEY. The destination is none of our business YET. We are to put our hands to the task of looking at the treasures in front of us. Oh how I love your posts dearest Dutchess! Nita

Denise said...

Gorgeous prose and music ! I usually turn off blogger's music,but not this enchanting lady's music.Your Little post was so perfect for Me.Thank you-Denise