The smell of soil...

The smell of soil is the smell of life and when I opened my window this morning there it was!!.....King Winter is breaking up camp...

The snow is melting and its raining..Mrs Thaw is working hard....February here we come..

But ................we are not out of the winter wood just yet..patience patience .......

Soon...spring will rise up..



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ok, you know me....I am tearing at the eyes, as I listen to this angelic praise, looking at the video at the little, gentle birds and just grateful to GOD that I am alive. To have SISTERS and brothers in the world that have life, the gifts to SEE beneath the cold of the snow, and to hope in life is a blessing.

Oh my dearest Dutchess...it is special to my heart that you have come to see my scribbles and hearts. IT WAS FUN! AND....can we make a movie together? Is that possible? I dream of collaborating with you if not just for Nowhere...but we must put our little friends into motion.

Stay vigilant my dear...you and Miss M. are good "SPIES" and I trust that you will see spring much sooner that us, but you know, I do see more dirt these days as we have not had snow since before Christmas!

Let spring sing its way into our lives. LOVE! Nita

Jeanne said...

Beautiful indeed
Love and hugs and smiles across the miles♥3

Moppelelfe said...

Yesterday I found your wonderful blog on the internet and today I looked at all these enchanting pictures, poems and videos you share with us since 2008. I realy realy love your blig. Its so inspiring, with heart and soul, lets say magical.

You can bet, you have a new reader !

Best wishes from Germany
Moppelelfe Steffi