Witty and Wise...

-click for to listen to an Owl's wise words...

Witty and wise..That's what they are...the owls on the Hilltop..we have quite a few these days..

 And we feel very safe having them around...at night when they hear something out of the ordinary they warn us by screeching from up their post in the  treetops.....isn't that a hoot..

There can never be to many Owls..



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

You have stolen my heart. But you did that many years ago, five to be exact, for that is how many years I have been blogging, and first came to the Hilltop.

Owls are one of my favorite birds. My mother painted the most darling oil painting of an owl, that unfortunately got lost in my many MOVES across our country.

I too have heard and seen a white owl in our own garden, here in our city. There is something "other-wordly" about this creature; its ability to turn its head, or so it seems, in such a contortion of wonder. The eyes say it all, and the soft and plush cloak they wear is magic.

Think of me dearest, as I am here, anticipating my first flight to California to see my beloved family. I leave in over a week....this is the first of my discount flights that I will make, and guess where else I would love to travel to?

Big OWL hugs to you...Nita

Noelle the dreamer said...

True, they fascinate! Unlike the first comment metnioned, I have never see a white owl...portent to an omen in Provence, did you know?
Even here on this Pacific NW island, we have seen and heard owls more regularly these past few years.
Great post and love that first photo!

Mapi said...

Ja uilen dear Dutchess, ik ben er gek op !

Thanks for this lovely post .