From the Dutchess with love...

                                                                Typical Dutch...

Though associated the world over with the Netherlands, today wooden shoes, or "klompen," are manufactured and worn by the Dutch mainly for the benefit of tourists.

Dutch clogs or "klompen" originated in antiquity, from the shoes worn by European peasants during Roman times. These were known as "galoce ".

..My husband is still wearing clogs...and now even in Holland people find this a little silly...:)

Happy weekend out there...:)


Jeanneke said...

Except in Friesland! Overhere many men, old and young, are wearing klompen very often. I know a man who attends church wearing his Sunday klompen.



La Maison said...

Klompen? ik kan er niet op lopen.
Gelukkig hebben we nu crocs, die zijn een stuk zachter.
Je hebt een mooi blog, ik ben je gaan volgen.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HOW, HOW did I miss this today?

The French used to wear SABOTS, the very same shoe! A Dutch friend told me these shoes were developed for gardeners who when kneeling down to plant, had some leverage as to stand up by rocking on their KLOMPEN! Now that is genius! Look at those darling little children, dancing! I love the imagery in this sweet film my dearest one. And may your husband continue to enjoy his clogs! LOVE TO YOU! Nita

Noelle the dreamer said...

Galoce or Galoche? Clogs have always been a part of my wardrobe, none better for sore backs!