So transform yourself....eh....maybe the other way round...!

 O dear....right in the middle of a muddle....

                               ...Today I wish I were twins...




Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


OH BOY I am also in the middle of a muddle; the work HAS to get done, but I wanna have fun. Dearest, I wish I could hop on a plane and find myself in the middle of a muddle WITH YOU! A blogging friend in Canada is on a plane this week to The Netherlands to see two Dutch blogging friends. How I wish I was there. I would visit with them, then hop on a train to go see YOU!

I just saw the original Cinderella for the first time this weekend! IT WAS MAGIC! And yesterday, we went to the Animal Humane Society because every other Sunday they have a "Hoppy Hour", where people who have pet RABBITS come and bring their bunnies for an hour of play! It was SO FUNNY to watch all these rabbits of different colors and sizes just running around. Ruben and I laughed so hard, our cheeks hurt!

But it is Monday and I am going to work in a classroom of third grade bunnies who ALSO run around like there is no tomorrow!


Marja said...

Oh in the middle of muddle,well known to me and what a pretty picture I must learn that trick to transform