When this is how much you dislike to start this week...then let me give you a Minion on this Monday
and then...Fast Forward...

Ba ba ba ba ba na na
Ba ba ba ba ba na na
(Oh!) Ba ba ba ba ba na na
(Potato yaaaaaaaaah!!!)

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OHHHH.....you make me laugh so hard dearest Dutchess; I can only envision you sitting in your birdnests, finding what you find, and giggling! I have often felt like these singing potatoes AND that frustrating child! I remember one day in my class of fourth graders....they we NOT listening to me give them a simple instruction, so I broke out in this gibberish, similar to what these potatoes are doing. I GOT THEIR ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it.