Did you notice..

Did you notice that its getting very quiet in the forests and in the gardens.. When I'm having tea..the bumblebee is absent...no little helicopters hovering over my teacup! There's no cue in front of their home the tool-shed ..en when I enter to check...its very very silent in there..The work is done!
Just a few birds are still feeding their young..on the rooftops. It won't be long and they will fly on their own.

Well...we do still have flies...and wasps. And mosquitoes..! But Summer is fading...SO..enjoy August...I believe its the most beautiful month of the year..!!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My precious one, I have noticed.

Yesterday, Rattus and I were on our covered deck ALL DAY LONG. We were reading, writing, and listening to the water in our fountain. But there was a certain silence; the squirrels were no longer clicking and clacking - with the exception of ONE bold little squirrel who came to entertain us. He likes to do acrobatics from our tree, and I think he knows we are laughing at him. Only one bird came to the bird bath, and the bees? No more. They are done here at Rabbit Hill, and even the flies are dying off.

But this the most beautiful month, as we all say our OWN special good-byes to a most glorious time of the year.

Thank you dear heart for coming to visit me. All is well; sometimes those exams require another lOOK, but all is well. But today I go in for a neurological evaluation, so let's keep all fairy wings crossed that life here in Rabbit Hill will go on for a bit longer as we know it.



Deb said...

Yes, it is very Fall-like here, too. Summer is quickly passing on. Deb

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Things are changing little by little and bef we know it fall will be upon us! Enjoy what's left of summer.

Blessings, Edie Marie