A little sneak peek...!

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      When you go out on frosty nights..it will be possible to see the frost fairies dance..

             Because yesterday Mr Frost came dashing in....his first visit this year..

                                SO..WE HAD A LITTLE SNEAK PEEK INTO WINTER
                                                       "Frosty Morning"

                                            I've heard that in the halls of old
                                           They plated everything with gold-
                                           The chandeliers, the pillars, floors
                                           With spoils from their latest wars.
                                           Yet all this splendor cannot be
                                            As rich as what is given me.
                                           For every night as soft we sleep
                                           Out in the dark, and midnight deep
                                           A beauteous miracle is done
                                           Before the waking of the sun
                                           And if I wake just at the dawn
                                           I catch a glimpse of what went on:
                                           Each leaf is clad in crystal cloak,
                                           The grass glimmers in fairy smoke.
                                           The rudest bramble, tinged with rust
                                           Is sprinkled well with diamond-dust.
                                           The thorn, the tree, the hidden flower
                                           Are glittering with a silver shower
                                           And things that never caught my eye
                                           Are regal in their shimmering dye.
                                           This miracle is but for those
                                           Who early from their beds arose
                                            And I can say I'm wealthy quite:
                                            My world is gilded every night!

by Rachel Heffington
better get an extra blanket on my bed

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhh yes....yes my dearest one. The frost has laid its blanket upon our land, and this morning as I go out to school, I better tip-toe out my door instead of dash out because the ground is slick as, well, ICE! But it's like streets of glass, sprinkled with diamonds, and how I love to look out at night with only the moon as my overhead lamp, to cast light on the diamonds under my feet.

Only you, ONLY YOU do I know who sees those details. I have an extra blanket on my bed, and it is so comfortable. No wonder my dreams have been so sweet....

And my next post is somewhere along this theme. I've had it in my mind for weeks, and I simply cannot get away from sharing my hopes of a land as such, where all is beautiful.

Now to go out to school, to wear a smile, for it's the one thing that carries me through an otherwise stressful day.