A visitor..

                                                        There's a duck at the door..

           (always wanted to say that...because they live across the street but they are a bit shy)

 There's an owl at my window...

(Always wanted to say this this...because they live in the tree next to my house..but they are a bit shy..)

But there are a lot of visitors at the Hilltop...and I am so proud to be able to invite them in...they come from all over the world...

                                                   There is just one moon
                                                     And one golden sun
                                                      And a smile means
                                                    Friendship to every one
                                                  Though the mountains divide
                                                   And the oceans are wide
                                                   It's a small world after all......



Mapi said...

Each new day you make me feel so welcome , thank you dearest Dutchess!

Mapi xox

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhhhhhh.....a duck at the door...now that would be a WONDERFUL EVENT to see. An owl at your window? I too have them here dearest; one scared me on early, dark morning as he/she HOOOOOED as I left! But the oceans wide and the sky blue can't keep us apart because it is, a small world...