Missing person...

                                  The Snowman...a missing person on the Hilltop..
He goes under the name Moody..but he has lots of aliases..Also known as..Fluffy, Flaky, Chilly, Flurry, Blitzy, Fridgy, Nippy, Snowy, Coney (with ice cream cone hat), Icy, Freezy, Frosty, Sparkles, Glitter, Glitzy, Drifter, Crystal, Twinkles, Cool Hand Luke..

...  If you see him..send me a picture..

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

teeheheheheeeeee......I will send you a picture dearest heart, because HE LIVES HERE! WOOOOOO you should see the snow we have! Today, it was windy and dear Dutchess, as I was walking with Ruben, the window almost knocked us BOTH OVER! I will take a snapshot and send it to ya, because I know that you out there in the Netherlands have not had any snow! We are getting it all!

And.....I so love that you came to give me a hug. I was thinking of you this afternoon,and there you are. MUCH LOVE and lots of snow to you!