What we need is here...

                                     What We Need Is Here

                            Geese appear high over us, pass, and the sky closes
                                     Abandon, as in love or sleep,
                                     holds them to their way,
                            clear in the ancient faith: what we need is here
                                     And we pray, not for new earth or heaven,
                                     but to be quiet in heart, and in eye, clear.
                                     What we need is here.

Wendell Berry

Wishing you a quiet weekend..xoxo


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahfhhhh......Mr. Berry...one of my absolute favorite poets my friend. And how funny, I just left you a poem of his yesterday.

I have a collection of his that I am enjoying on these cold nights. I often read from his book to Ruben during dinner. What we need is indeed NOW, HERE.

I love another one from SEAMUS HEANEY (another heart throb of a poet) and it is called, Blackberry Picking. You can find him on Youtube reciting it. Oh how rich are his words, the way he describes such an act in the HERE and now....

Thinking of you...

Denise said...

For that is all We have... NOW...and as for Me hope in eternity.

^.^ said...

The pic is beautiful ... reminds me of the song: Blower's Daughter ...http://youtu.be/5YXVMCHG-Nk ... Love, cat. PS: Hope the link works, otherwise check it out on YouTube.