I'm busy..observing..

                                               February chores...
                            Open the windows..
                Browsing and ordering from seed and garden catalogs.
                     Pruning leafless trees and shrubs.
                 Weeding and tending the winter vegetable garden.
                     Relax and read books from the library.
                     The soil is usually too wet and cold for much digging.
         Keeping cold sensitive potted plants in protected areas or indoors.
            Make sure that the cuttings in protected areas do not dry out.
                     Repair fences.
         Put straw mulch over fertilized vegetable garden areas not planted. 
                      Distribute fertilizer and minerals. 
                      rune and mulch dormant perennials.
                      Remove dead trees, shrubs, branches, and twigs.
                   Enjoy the bulbs and rosemary in bloom.
                    Repair and sharpen tools.
                      Construct gardening boxes and flats.
                       Keep hardwood cuttings moist.
                Write a poem.   Keep a gardening journal.
                       Trees without leaves need little or no watering.
                 Take a walk in your garden.
                       Sit and observe.   (that's a good one..)

Soon we will be able to hear our garden grow..wishing you a weekend full  of ZEN..take care of yourselves...


Mapi said...

Yes !
En ik ga morgen eens kijken hoe de tuin bij het Engelenpad erbij staat.
'k heb er zin in .....
Veel liefs, licht en warmte

Denise said...

I was seeing myself in that large wonderful garden and loving it.The video was so interesting.Just imagine what We will be able to hear in heaven was My first thought as I listened to the plants grow and sing.Blessings to You and Yours always-Denise

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning precious friend...

I am late because yesterday, I spent many hours digging myself out of 4 feet of snow, then off to work I had to go....

But today, it is all about ZEN! Observe my dearest, the world is waiting for YOU!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dutchess,
I am so much with you for visit..... I feel always overjoyed! Dearly to thanks for your Blog full of miracle. I felt as a small girl always just, thus enchanted if I look at the old pictures with her healthy world, the special music hears.... and simply if I may be staying in your "empire".
Hearty thanks for the fact that there are you and you your world with us shares,

(translated from German, because I can not find any english, o))!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Dutchess,
Now that is a LIST! Much larger than mine..
Bebe would love for you to bring Miss Moussie over for a visit when you have time.
Love and blessings dear friend.
Penny and Bebe