The last BLIZZARD...or..a farewell to winter..

Click for music to go with this post..

 There is place on earth which axially looked like this..(.Lake Michigan North Pier)
          When I first saw this picture I thought it came out a SF movie..
    Winter has been so hard for my friends across the pond..so, I was thinking..
                            lets declare winter officially                                  

  Lets say farewell to this very strange winter..the blizzards and floods...and for us..the NO SNOW..and no frost..!

So sorry I missed the magic of a world dressed in white..

But ever so happy a new outfit is almost ready to dress  the Hilltop in beauty....

Lets say goodbye to a wintry wood..

And prepare to start our travel towards spring..The meteorological Spring begins on the first day of March !!

Lets save our memories of a wonderful Holiday time..and the visits of reindeer's..

Soon there will be bluebells..daffodils...

And Easter bunnies..

     Lets preserve this winter..and say thank you for the memories..

And let me thank YOU for a wonderful time sharing  this Winter on all those marvelous blogs on this globe..

Stay warm and stay happy...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My dearest Dutchess, thank you so much for thinking of us...I cannot even begin to describe to you how bad this winter has been. Even as I type right now, it is well below zero F outside, and we have to trudge outside, drive on the ice to get to work.

Lake Michigan is impressive, isn't it? YOU SHOULD SEE the ice caves up on Lake Superior; if you can find them on Google, look for the ice caves on the North Shore of Duluth, Lake Superior. It has been an attraction this winter for thousands of visitors to see this magnificent icicles hanging from the cliffs. People are walking on Lake Superior because it is so frozen.

Dearest zuster, this music, it is full of life. Our garden is buried in at least 5 feet of snow...YES! Our bunnies are romping about on mountains of beautiful snow, but they are eating all they can find: THE BARK ON OUR TREES!

Spring will come. Soon, Miss M. will play with Tea Rat and go for a boat ride again for a cup of tea?

Thank you so much for this tribute. LOVE!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Let's play when the snow melts, dearest.....I had to come back to see all the lovely photos and fairies, bunnies and creatures that just want to wake up from this temporary stillness.

Susan said...

This post cheered me up and got rid of my winter doldrums. (It is -13 here,but the sun is shining!) Thank you for this~

Mapi said...

Thank you for the memories too dearest Dutchess

Happy weekend !
Love, light and warmth