What time is it..

I remember when being a very little girl my grandmother used to show me the big 'grandfather' clock in her living room..Now I am doing the same thing with my granddaughters..All is as it should be..There's a right time for everything..in a tick of a clock..we travel..

  and in this moment of time..its so nice to meet you...xoxo


Jeanneke said...

Sure it is! Thanks for sharing your time with us; always a pleasure, a timeless gift!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

And if I were to put the hands of the clock back to the first day you and I exchanged blog visits and comments, I would have never known that I would be here today to read this and to have a sister across the great sea. Time is a great gift my zuster...enjoy every ticking moment with the babies....

Musenkuesse said...

We have two big old watches considers our grandson fascinated.
With every tick and tock, the time goes on tour. For everything there is a time. I am glad that I just now at this moment a few lines for you to write and send greetings
Kind regards Tina

Kom Achterom said...

Mooi moment! ga eens even kijken of ik het kan vinden wil hem nu wel helemaal zien! Prachtig Schilderij hoor ik heb weer even genoten!
fijne dag