Alive and well...

                  The Hilltop is coming alive again..

                       Yes...its safe to come out now...spring is here..

          Well hello there..long time no see..

     Wishing you a lovely spring...enjoy the birds because for you they sing..


Mapi said...

Oh dearest Dutchess , wat een heerlijk begin van de dag .....


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH DEAREST DUTCHESS! Spring has flown over us and reached you! Do you hear the birds singing? They are telling you how much we miss you.

I love the little birds wearing pants! hhahahahahaaa

Enjoy every note of music these magical creatures sing, and think of us as we slowly melt out of our cold. LOVE!

Cheryl said...

Such a pretty post.....took me back to my childhood.
Enjoy Spring it is so fleeting.