Very slowly...

Very slowly I am recovering from the flu...just when the weather was so very lovely I couldn't go out..I'm taking some medication that doesn't go well with sunlight..so..I'M watching the birds..and they watch me..

 For all of you who are a bit under the weather...cheer up...here's a song for you..xoxo


Mapi said...

Oh lieve Dutchess, heel vervelend dat je niet naar buiten kan en fijn dat de vogels naar je komen kijken. In gedachten zit ik naast je en kijken we samen naar de vogels .....

Get well soon dearest ...

Jeanne said...

I hope you are feeling so much better.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

teeehee.....I love that bluebird that sings to me, enough to make me cry! teehehehehe

Oh dearest, I am sick. The room keeps spinning and I can't eat, but I was given exercises for my vertigo, so hopefully I will be balanced soon. Oh dearest, Ihope you can see the sunshine soon. There is a bluebird on your window sill that says, "Come out and play with me."


Willy said...

En nu is het verstandig om maar even binnen te blijven. Hopelijk heb je net zo'n heerlijke zithoek als op het schilderij. Beterschap!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Dutchess,
I am so sorry to hear you are ill.
I hope soon you will be well and out in the garden.. In the meantime, take care.

Thank you so much for your most welcome visit. So happy you enjoyed her.