Beneath the Tree..

 Click for music to go with this post..

                                                       Beneath a tree....

                                Well hidden from you and me..

well not always..

                            The first fires start..

The days are getting shorter..


                        And at twilight time..

 little lanterns are needed.....(sometimes I get a glimpse of them on the stairs)

                Before they disappear  again..underneath a tree..

                            Summer never was this magical on the Hilltop...

Wishing you a wonderful weekend..xoxo


Susan said...

Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend, too~

^.^ said...

... that post/ and music was a wonderful journey ... Love, cat.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My dear one,

Today, I said the very same thing to myself:"Summer has never been so magical on Rabbit Hill."

How is it that you and I think almost the same things, so far across the miles? Maybe it's that first fire, that fairy dust that is invisible, but is the most powerful force in the cosmos?

This music, the images, the reality that the days are shorter is an indication that our story book is about to close and we shall take the next volume off our shelves and prepare to read the magic of autumn and put the fairies to rest, under the tree. I will wait for you until next summer.

Musenkuesse said...

Hi Dutchess,
I love stories of elves and dwarves who take us into a land of fantasy and magic.
Wish you a nice Sunday!

Silvia Jacinto said...

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