On the third day of Christmas..


But...not the fluffly kind...there is a fierce wind blowing straight from the North Pole..and so...traffic is terrible..and we are SNOWBOUND..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

STAY HOME! Don't go out dearest! I just left you a comment on your last post to say we just got some snow last night and I am NOT going anywhere today. Stay cozy and play with Miss Moussie; I almost feel as if the creatures (especially that long-winded Tea Rat) blew in the snow to keep us all PUT in our cozy cottages!

Wishing you a slow and easy day.

^.^ said...

Wishing you a very good New Year, friend ... smiles ... snow or not ... hugs ... cat.

Jacoba said...

Dear Dutchess,stay happy and warm. Just made an hour's walk with the dog, my oh my, the snow hurt my eyes, but we feel fresh and warm now!
Justove your banner and again such a lovely painting in your post!
Happy seasons holidays!

Mamka said...

Here in Hungary there was little snow yesterday. It is cold and the snow comes. Beautiful postcard.