The turning point..

Perfectly still this solstice morning,
 in bone-cracking cold.
 Nothing moving, or so one might think,
 but as I walk the road,
the wind held in the heart of every tree
 flows to the end of each twig
 and forms a bud.

Poem-Ted Kooser
 Art-Winter Goddess- Alla Tsak.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TED KOOSER....do you know dearest sister, that he is the first poet that I ever read? I have a lovely collection of his work and Ruben and I learned so much from one of his best selling poetry handbooks for beginners. He is a fabulous poet from the midwest region of the USA (Iowa) so he knows COLD....his perception of the plains and the howling winter is a very special view of this season of stillness, waiting and hope.

I BET the little ones are so excited about the magic on the Hilltop! And the delightful Miss M.....she must be scurrying about, getting the cottage ready for her guests! Tea Rat is very happy as we are engaging in tea rituals every night, and that makes him very happy.

Well zuster, wishing you the most perfect day...XOXOXO

^.^ said...

I did have to chuckle a bit about you mentioning "the bone crackling cold" ... uhm, how cold are we talking about here ??? ... -10C ... -20C ... -30C ... -45C ... welcome to the club, I say ... and now, lets sit by the fire ... Love, cat.