Sleepy Snowdrops..

........Snowdrops..they just woke up at the Hilltop...

 I like to think
   That, long ago,
      There fell to earth
          Some flakes of snow
             Which loved this cold,
                 Grey world of ours
                    So much, they stayed
                        As snowdrop flowers.

 Mary Vivien


Mapi said...

Ontroerend, bij mij op het balkon zijn ze ook ontwaakt , zo teer ...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

NO! Really? The Hilltop has just started to see the flower starting to poke its head? Or...is it the snow, the real white stuff? Whichever one it is, I know it is magic for you dearest zuster!

Sit back, dream and get ready for a beautiful new season to come to your window.

Tineke said...

Was de wereld maar altijd zo mooi. Of konden we misschien alle narigheid er maar mee bedekken. Of eigenlijk doet sneeuw dat wel een beetje toch? Mooi gedicht!

Denise said...

Perfection :)