Its been too long since a little mouse came visiting me..no,correction..since I paid attention to her and actually SAW her ..because she is here with me daily..I call her 'Miss Moussie'..or,'my muse ' my 'imagination..'!
So..I must learn to  see again..

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

 ~Mark Twain

Time to wake up the house........(.and until this day I didn't know the house Beatrix Potter lived in was called..Hill Top House..sounds very much like Hilltop Hall...)

picture..front door to Beatrix Potters House..with entrance for a mouse..!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhh.....the best for the last. Your post is the last one up before I go to work, where little mice are hunted down and trapped because they are not accepted in a school building! But here, in the land of focused imagination, there is even a little mouse door....

Mark Twain was right. How in the world can our eyes see if our imagination is out of focus? I see it all the time in students. Some of them have not calibrated their imaginations for so long, that when I ask them to invent a story, they can't or are not willing because it "hurts" their brains!!!!

Oh dearest, YES! Isn't this movie fascinating? I wish to visit two Hilltops in my lifetime: Hilltop House in England, and The Hilltop in The Netherlands. I want to meet Miss Moussie and shake her little paw and thank her for helping ME focus my imagination once again.

Listen to her; she's been speaking and squeaking to you! :)))))

Mapi said...

Oh dit is echt een geweldig bericht, toeval bestaat niet ...

Fijne avond