I am...

“She was a woman with a broom or a dust- pan or a washrag or a mixing spoon in her hand. You saw her cutting piecrust in the morning, humming to it, or you saw her setting out the baked pies at noon or taking them in, cool, at dusk. She rang porcelain cups like a Swiss bell ringer to their place. She glided through the halls as steadily as a vacuum machine, seeking, finding, and setting to rights. She made mirrors of every window, to catch the sun. She strolled but twice through any garden, trowel in hand, and the flowers raised their quivering fires upon the warm air in her wake. She slept quietly and turned no more than three times in a night, as relaxed as a White glove to which, at dawn, a brisk hand will return. Waking, she touched people like pictures, to set their frames straight.”

 ― Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine
Wishing you a lovely weekend..no pressure..the weekend is made to set your frame straight..xoxo


Mapi said...

Oh wat is dit weer mooi !
Heel fijn Pinksterweekend dearest.
Ik ben er eventjes niet, don't worry .


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

What a gorgeous post. The music, so smooth, gliding like this woman across the clean floors that she has probably labored over, to see her reflection in the glass-like surface. Oh dearest, how fun it is to be AWAKE, ALIVE, tending to the world around us whether it's the garden, the house, those we love.

I was thinking of you upon awaking this morning, wondering how things are. I hope you are as relaxed, enjoying all that is beautiful.

I hope you will visit my new post when I put it up soon. I am coming back.