Ongoing conversation..

Its possible I used this image before..Its also possible I used these words before..because in time I wrote 1796 posts.. Its possible I wrote something like this..-thank you for following me kindred spirit and friend-..and you know what!!!...ITS TRUE..! We are..progressing, advancing, evolving, growing, developing; Even More..I know you by heart...and I do hope this conversation will go on and on... ....do tell me..how is your Summer..?



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Where do I even begin?

Let me start here: seven years ago, the conversation started with a mouse and a curious lady....then the conversation continued with two rats and a mouse, then another mouse, then two sisters....

Then wisdom came into the picture, as in this image with the owl. Yes dearest, we ARE PROGRESSING, and one thing is SURE: I will follow you every day of my life. How is my summer? MAGIC. I found horses yesterday because I have been wanting to see one, photograph one, and instead, I found miles and miles of farms not far from my home. We are growing and developing, and I am happy to have friends like you.

1796 POSTS? YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! I have only posted, according to my states, about 400.....

What are you up to today? May it be another page in your story, your fairytale, your LIFE!!!!!!

Mapi said...

Oh lieve Dutchess, ik kom hier al zoveel jaren en met zoveel plezier.
Even luisteren, kijken, overdenken of bijkletsen.
Ben veel bij het Engelenpad te vinden vandaar mijn stiltes.
Alles gaat goed !!
Leve het leven !

Veel liefs

Kom Achterom said...

Ooh wat heb je een prachtige layout nu zeg!
Zo mooi dat groene pad!
Fijne dag

Cathy Keller said...

My summer is going well. Indeed we all are "evolving, growing, developing." Thank you!! Cathy

Marcia said...

My summer is HOT, I reside in Florida. :)
I'm learning a lot from you, TD. Thank you.