My father's shoes..

                                 I'm walking in my father's shoes
                                                         That's a lot to live up to..
                                                                I worried...but I'm getting there..



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

You know, you made me realized that I've been wearing my father's shoes since I was born. I literally put on his shoes as this darling child in the photo has done. But figuratively, I've been wearing his shoes the minute I got it embedded into my head that I was going to take on adventures larger than myself.

Thank you, Daddy.

Now I know what he faced when at middle age, he ventured out to teach himself several languages, music, many building skills, and even teaching music. He did all of this in the same way I've done most of the things I love: SELF TAUGHT.

Now I can know that I don't walk alone when I face difficulties in the areas of interest in which I'm self taught. I know that my father went before me, leaving his footprints for me not to follow, but to walk side by side.

Be well dearest one. Walk knowing you have a friend.

Mapi said...

Oh Lieverd , ik denk dat ik begrijp wat je hier probeert te zeggen.
Heb ook veel van mijn vader geleerd en probeer nog steeds zijn spoor te volgen, valt niet altijd mee ..... het gaat ook wel eens mis.

Have a happy weekend,
Love as Always

Marcia said...

Oh, I will forever attempt to walk in my daddy's shoes, and they will always fit me quite largely.
My daddy...gentleness, kindness, and humility personified.
My daddy...soft-spoken giver whose life's passion and greatest achievement was LOVE.
I believe that because I grew up with such a perfect example of love and kindness, I suffer much disappointment. My life is a treasure hunt at times, and I dig in places where all I find is gravel, but then I hear my dad's gentle voice...JUST GIVE...and gravel turns to precious stones...and all is well with me...until I dig again expecting anything remotely similar in return.
Thank you for this, friend.