Conversation with a wasp..

“Latest News. The Exploring Party have made another tour in the Pantry, and have found five new lumps of white sugar, large and in fine condition. In coming back –
 ” “Any brown sugar?” the Wasp interrupted.
 Alice hastily ran her eyes down the paper and said “No. It says nothing about brown.”
 “No brown sugar!” grumbled the Wasp. “A nice exploring party!”
 “In coming back,” Alice went on reading, “they found a lake of treacle.
The banks of the lake were blue and white, and looked like china.
 While tasting the treacle, they had a sad accident: two of their party were engulped – ”
 “Where what?” the Wasp asked in a very cross voice.
 “En-gulph-ed,” Alice repeated, dividing the word in syllables.
 “There’s no such word in the language!” said the Wasp.
 “It’s in the newspaper, though,” Alice said a little timidly.
 “Let’s stop it here!” said the Wasp, fretfully turning away his head.

...lots of wasps wandering my garden..I don't like wasps..and I never met anyone who did like them..how about you..?!


Mapi said...

Goedemorgen lieve Dutchess, wespen zijn best mooi en ook heel nuttig
toch ben ik vorige week in mijn arm gestoken door zo'n lieverd, echt niet leuk !!!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest Dutchess!

Well, I don't like them either especially since being bit by one last summer! OUCH! They like to build their nests in the most unlikely and inconvenient places, like near the door! But I suppose they have their purpose in the garden that is a grand mystery to us, and WE must be a grand mystery to them.....teeeehhheeee I'd like to ask a wasp, "Do you like humans?"

HAVE A FUN DAY! Off to school for me....