And there you are..

There you are...sitting at  your computer..in your little quiet room..in a lovely quiet village..watching the terrible news from France hat overwhelms you and makes your heart stop..

My suitcase is packed..no...I wasn't going to Paris..but wherever you go these days there is some kind of fear traveling with you..

My friend..in France, or any other place on this world..only let your head down in sadness..only close your eyes in remembrance and compassion not in ignorance..don't let hatred overrule  your being...and look up in hope and stand your ground..this is your world..

Love ..T.D

Black turns beamy bright
 Turning on the light
 Today is gonna be the day
 You hear somebody say,
We need you wide awake

 Tiptoe over the floor
What are you waiting for?
 So so and no more
That's all to be sorry for
 Today is gonna be the day
You hear somebody say
We need you wide awake

 You hear the minutes kick and play
The order of the day
Is hollering your way
 The window shade
The nursing aid
To let it all just work the way
 From head to toe
A shadow grows
Since forever and a day

 Quiet moments hum
But some do you wrong
 Today is gonna be the day
You hear somebody say
We need you wide awake

 No time for tea or lemonade
 Someone has set the date
 We're only half the way
 Drink a toast to the sun
To the things that never come
To the break of the day
That is all I say


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Last night on my way home from work was when I heard the news. Ruben called me since I had not heard what happened during my working time. I immediately thought of ALL OF YOU DEAR European friends...I adore you all, and knowing that many of you travel much more frequent than we do here from country to country, I got worried. We can't stop living. We can't stop moving, and in this mobility, we MUST keep awake, ready to do GOOD and fight darkness with light. My dearest sister, be safe wherever you go, enjoy your new bird's nest, and always think of me.

Mapi said...

I let my head down in sadness ...

Liefde alles draait toch om liefde ?

Nada said...

"Peace needs to be in everyone's life. It is not the world that needs peace; it is people. When people in the world are at peace within, the world will be at peace."

donna baker said...

My daughters and I went on a trip traveling around Europe after 9/11. We weren't going to let the terrorists win. Good will always triumph over evil.

Susan said...

Yes - thank you for this

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Beautiful and touching post, dear friend.. My thoughts, love and prayers are sent out to France and all others that are in distress all over the world.
Love and blessings,

la- rêverie said...

I pray for Paris ..., I pray for our humanity.