My dear reader and Friend..

                 This is a sacred moment..
      Coming home after five weeks to open my computer and press enter..
    Then, stepping in this wonderful world of blog again and find a kindred Spirit..
                                                                ..like you..

When traveling I read the papers..
When traveling disturbing news was still able to reach me..
When traveling the world didn't disappear..

                                 But also....I met MANY sweet and kind people..
                                        Thoughtful ..caring..(and worried like me)..
                                  Smiling people..loving people...hopeful people..
                                              Building a world in peace !

                                                  So...we go on dear Friend..

                                               To another year around the Sun...

From Your Dutchess with LOVE


Mapi said...

Fijn je bent weer thuis !

Veel liefs,

donna baker said...

Well, I love that and welcome back. You have been missed.

^.^ said...

Welcome back, friend D ... I know about the rush of the road ... smiles ... Love, cat. https://www.youtube.com/embed/605OVB4_NKU?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0

Marja said...

Ah so you made a big trip as well It is good to be back home as well isn't it and lovely indeed that you always have your online friends

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I was away from my computer yesterday all day, but every morning, I come and ENTER, looking for you. Today? I found you.

Yes dearest, the world and its problems follow us wherever we go to get away with ourselves. But we find the news and it worries us. But we also find kindness, and that never runs out.

I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Welcome back dear friend! Bebe and I have missed you so...