..quiet days..

My days are quiet ..
some reading..
some bird-watching..

A Hubby in France
A Daughter in America.
A Daughter in Austria ..
A Daughter on a journey moving house..
Its quiet..
That;s OK
We are following the sun.
and the direction of love..



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Do you know that I love to follow the sun? It makes me happy. I feel young, my mother's presence is in me when the sun is shining. And to listen to the birds is a joy. I'm following the sun dearest, right behind you. You have about 8 hours ahead of me, but I'm catching the rays as they move to me.

Enjoy these quiet moments. I'm thinking of you.

^.^ said...

I'm coming too, friend D !!! Love, cat.