We planted an Apple tree..

                                To attract dragons..
                                          .. and for to give the garden Hope..
                                                     Its a wish tree..
(for a long life..happiness..good health..a white Christmas..etc etc..Imagination we don't need- In our family there's enough going round...:).


donna baker said...

We named our trees too Dutchess. There were a group of oaks we called the seven sisters. One large, old oak we named the witch tree as it had a large cavern in the bottom of it and one time a grass fire sent smoke out a high open limb. Sadly, it came down with a ground shaking crash during an ice storm one winter. Peachy, Crooked and on and on.

Susan said...

We are looking for a tree to plant in our backyard garden. What a wonderful idea - a wish tree!

Mapi said...

Oh,..... geweldig !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest! HELLO! I LOVE THIS DRAGON and this story. Imagine having a huge dragon friend like this? I used to imagine such things, and still to this day, I imagine having a big horse as a friend, to hug, to take me places, to "play" with.....an apple tree what a wonderful idea! To plant a tree is hoping, waiting, watching live take shape. We used to have an apple tree in the garden when I was growing up. My mother would make APPLE PIE!!!!!!!!

May your tree grow with you, with the children and their children. Much love to you!