Well...what can I say..

                                    Its this kind of day..
                                                     so,you are all invited..
                                              I Promes I won't bore you with a speech..
                                              .. about how I just adore you as a friend.
                                “Pull up a chair. Take a taste.
                                      Come join me. Life is so endlessly delicious.”



Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Dutchess! Please save a seat for us. Bebe would love to join in on this beautiful gathering. I love the table setting. We will be right there!
Thank you dear friend.
Penny and Bebe

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I'm finally here. First of all, no internet for me for FIVE days.

I have it now, but now, I'm having trouble leaving you a comment!

However, I am in the best company I've kept for the last 8 years of blogging. You, Penny, and MAGIC. Dearest, you are forever in my heart as one of the most gentle souls I've ever known. Please save me a seat, and can I sit between you and Penny?

Marcia said...

Oh my, I hope I'm not too late. Please tell me there's room for one more.
I've missed visiting. Glad to be back.
I could listen to that music all day.