..feeling  like this..?
                                          Not enough time to reload this weekend...

This will get you going...the adrenaline will kick in..but be careful not to go in overdrive.. xoxo

Have a good one..:)
Music-Mona Lisa Overdrive-The Matrix-good start at 2:20..best when driving to work)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

teeeeeeeeheeeeeeeee THAT HAIR! Oh did this make me laugh when I opened it. Well, we had a GREAT weekend dearest. We went out and took a thermos of tea with us (it is COLD NOW!) and we we walked and walked at the Mall of America and we also spent the morning in our house and DANCED to some Motown music from Youtube that we projected on our large TV. Talking about reloading the weekend...we took all we could out of it and now it's Monday....I think I can do this, and even in OVERDRIVE!

donna baker said...

That's hysterical. How'd you get my picture in the morning?

Mapi said...

Ohhhhhhh geweldig, zo ongeveer zag ik er vanmorgen ook uit !

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh I needed that today!
Love to you, dear Dutchess
Penny and Bebe