Under construction..

                                  There is this dollhouse in my birds-nest..
                                           Its under construction..
From time to time I change the decoration..Its now waiting for a complete new look..
But..wel..in the meanwhile the inhabitants have to eat don't they..
So....my granddaughter kindly took care of them..
                         ..Found them happy and cosy when I walked by..

Ain't grandchildren magical beings..I think so..


To my daughters and granddaughters..love you to the moon and back..xoxo


Mapi said...

Wat ben jij toch een lief mens !!

Mapi said...

Ja ik zie het nu, oh wat leuk !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

What would we do without young children's imagination or an adult's courage to allow their inner child to express itself? I don't know what I'd do....and these rabbits are well-taken care of thanks to a darling little girl out in the Netherlands who cares about the small things!!!!!

Oh dearest Dutchess, your doll house! I just brought out my theatre and I'm "playing" with it too...

donna baker said...

So sweet. I just found out last night about a new granddaughter coming. It is a shock, but I am sure she'll be a blessing.