Maybe this year..

Maybe this year there will be snow ..
Maybe this year there will  be peace..
Maybe this year...

If not in this year then in the next..just gonna make it happen..noticed its snowing o my blog..;)

........Create your own future..


Quilting Moesje said...

So lovely snowy picture

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest, "maybe." That is a word that holds our dreams together.

It has snowed much here in the last few days, and it's bright and merry, COLD but so beautiful. I know as well that you and your family MAKE hope happen and the results are "good times."

Wishing you SNOW and FUN as December unspools into JOY!

Elena Williams said...

Just wanted to pop in and say I love your blog!! I look forward to starting my day with a little magical whimsy! Hi, from South Texas, USA! We never get snow down here...except for one magical year, in 2004! I scooped up some snow, placed it in a ziplock baggie & it lives in my freezer to this day. Whenever I open the freezer, I like to remember that "White Christmas." Have a great day!! 😊

Mapi said...

Ja... misschien gebeuren er nog wonderen .....