Trains stopped in their tracks..lights went out...we lost power several times in the last couple of days..So what to do when one sits in the cold and dark......and your computer is down..

Just wait..help is on HER way..with candles and wine..didn't even have to make a call..
She heard me..and I hear you..whenever..whatever..woman are wonderfull..and stick together !
I love stories where woman save themselves...the future is feminine..and we will never ever be powerless..


xoxo Now...Go save the world..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


All I can do at this moment is think of my own experience. When "they" told me "NO" I did the opposite. I rebelled. I disobeyed. I did it and turned that word "NO" into "YES I CAN."

Oh dearest, no power, no warmth chez toi? But help did come, and what a lifesaver your hero is....this is one thing I love about teaching, empowering kids, both boys and girls to be courageous. You should have seen some of my students yesterday during their final exams...some of them looked at me and were scared saying, "Madame, I'm so afraid." Having experience (a plus of being OLDER), I told them with a smile and a whisper, "YOU can do this. Just think."

Oh the beauty of being alive, huh?

Anonymous said...

I follow you daily for your pearls of wisdom. But never have I needed you more than when I was faced with poster board & markers to write something inspirational for attending the Women's March in Tallahassee, FL. I copied your sentiment "The Future is Feminine." Then I added my own editorial comment: "Deal with It." Thank you for your Blog and for being you.