And the Future is ours..

-..Its kind of foggy isn't it...?
-..Yes it is Big bear..Cloudy..
-Like the Future Little Mouse..
-Do you worry Big bear..?
-..Not with you next to me Little Mouse..
-I 'M not worried either Big Bear..
...when you're by my side everything is clear..
-What ever lies ahead..together we can figure it out..
-The future is ours Big Bear..
-So it is Little Mouse...so it is....and it will be  bright..!

-..But maybe we do need some glasses..
-..SST.. now You shouldn't have said that..

-Why not ..?
-Well..the moment and all that..


Art/text- The Dutchess and Company.


Marijke said...

What a great art!!!
have a nice day,
groetjes van Marijke

Mapi said...

Ach lieverd toch .....

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

teeehee....I LOVE THEM! They are back, this dynamic duo, this partnership of sweetness and wit. Together, anything is possible and bearable....no pun intended!

Little Mouse and Big Bear, our futures are in the hands of above, and let's keep looking upward and stretching the hands of kindness outward. We'll make it......

donna baker said...

Thank you Dutchess for a beautiful post. We need that virtual hug sometimes; someone to tell us it will be alright.

Daniela said...

Thank you for your so lovely drawing, sweet friend !

Enjoy your day and your week ahead with gladness

Xx Dany